Brookwood Global Online Training Brochure 2024

Contact us directly for the best group rates. • ONLINE TRAINING • GCLP Regs RM MD NIS CDM PV GDPR GCP PV for the Local Safety Contact and L-QPPV This 40 min* ‘Step 3’ online training covers the responsibilities of the company’s Local Safety Contact and the additional obligations of a Local QPPV (L-QPPV). Suitable for those involved as Local Safety Contacts and those who work with them. Content includes: • Regulatory requirements and main responsibilities • L-QPPV’s role in capturing, recording and reporting local safety information and PV activities • Managing local challenges. PV Refresher An interactive Q&A game to update and refresh PV knowledge. Face five inspectors and answer 8/10 questions correctly each time to ‘pass the inspection’! Questions include a wide range of PV topics. PV PV * Average time taken. Individual timings will vary. All of our online courses can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Let us run them for you using our full service package of registration, tracking, reporting and certification, or run them on your own learning management system. Click for product demo Click for product demo Essential Safety Reporting for the Investigator Site This course is essential for all investigators needing to have awareness of their safety reporting obligations arising from the treatment of patients in clinical research. • Covers the basic principles of safety reporting, key regulations, guidance and best practices that apply to clinical trials and observational/non-interventional studies. • Consists of presented material, ‘Did You Know?’ highlights to supplement knowledge and numerous interactions to make the learning more enjoyable. • Has great resources including ICH E2A e-book, ‘Essential Pharmacovigilance’ e-book, CIOMS form and CTCAE quick reference guide for causality assessment. PV Click for product demo