Brookwood Global Online Training Brochure 2024

Contact us directly for the best group rates. • ONLINE TRAINING • GCLP Regs RM MD NIS CDM PV GDPR GCP GCP for Clinical Laboratories – online training in GCLP This 30 min* narrated course is ideal for laboratory staff needing an insight into GCLP requirements, as well as sponsors’ monitors, medical experts and auditors who utilize laboratory services in clinical trials. It is based on the guidance given in the European Medicines Agency “Reflection paper for laboratories that perform the analysis or evaluation of clinical trial samples”, adopted by the GCP Inspectors Working Group in 2012. It covers the most important aspects in the Reflection Paper and offers practical advice on how and when a laboratory should comply. The program also covers some GCP basics to fulfil the requirement that laboratory staff have relevant GCP knowledge. The Principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) This 30 min* online on-demand training with a quiz and certification is an ideal way for those processing personal data to learn about the latest requirements for data protection. Content includes: • Key roles • Definitions of personal data • Applicability of the GDPR and exemptions • Consent and rights of Data Subjects • Legal basis for processing • Obligations towards Data Subjects • Risk assessment • Data transfer outside EEA • Record keeping • Data security and storage • The Data Protection Officer • Data protection ‘by design and default’ • Audits • Managing breaches, compensation and penalties • Data protection checklist • Specific content on the impact of GDPR on pharmacovigilance and clinical trials. GDPR GCLP Click for product demo Click for product demo Learn & Refresh UK Clinical Trial Regulations This 60 min* course is designed for those who need to learn about and demonstrate their UK Clinical Trial Regulations knowledge. • Can be used as either initial or refresher training. • Take a journey through the regions of the UK and visit famous landmarks whilst you answer questions on the UK Clinical Trial Regulations. • Several ‘Did You Know?’ interactions enhance knowledge. • Visit nine locations and answer 8/10 questions correctly in each section to move on. • If you finish your tour satisfactorily you will be awarded certification. Regs Click for product demo * Average time taken. Individual timings will vary.