How to Register

Participants can be individuals who contact us directly or sponsored individuals or groups. In the latter case we will receive details of participation directly from the sponsor organisation.

Participants are registered for the programme using a unique email address provided by the client and a password that we supply. A third party server delivers the programme using a SCORM compliant Learning Management System.

Individual Registration

To undertake the programme, you can use our online registration system here, and pay by credit card or if you prefer, you can contact the Academy by email and request registration for the course.

If you choose to contact us directly, email us to say you wish to do the training, providing us with a unique email address and billing details. Payment can be by cheque, bank transfer or credit card. Once payment is received we will open access to the server and email you log on details and instructions.

Access is provided until the training has been completed up to a maximum of 6 weeks.

Sponsored Training

For sponsored training with few participants the procedure is as per the individual participation.

For group training, we can enter into a ‘one-off’ agreement or an annual or longer term agreement, as follows:

  • we will enter into an agreement with you to provide training for an agreed number of registered participants at a set fee (eg. a minimum number in one year or a specific number as a one off exercise)
  • the ‘sponsor’ provides us (in accordance with our privacy policy) with valid and checked email addresses for participants (either in one file, or by study on an on-going basis) using an Excel template that we provide
  • we would quickly open access for each participant on the server (using their email address and a password that we allocate)
  • at the same time the participant would be sent an invitation email with log on information and a user guide
  • a nominated contact(s) in the sponsor organisation (project manager or central co-ordinator or both) would be copied in on the invitation (to confirm that the invitation has been sent) we monitor progress to identify who has satisfactorily completed the training -- we then issue a PDF certificate to each successful participant on a weekly basis
  • on a biweekly basis we provide PDF progress reports for the group (by study if required) to nominated sponsor individuals (eg. the project manager)
  • we can provide copies of each certificate to a nominated individual in the sponsor organisation if required/appropriate (to maintain training records)
  • the sponsor can be provided with individual user activity reports and group summaries when all participants have completed (or at periodic intervals for on-going contracts) where appropriate
  • the sponsor is responsible for archiving this information
  • we provide help and assistance to individual participants as and when the need arises


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