For Groups

For group training, we can enter into a ‘one-off’ agreement or an annual or longer term agreement, as follows:

  • we will enter into an agreement with you to provide training for an agreed number of registered participants at a set fee (eg. a minimum number in one year or a specific number as a one off exercise)
  • the ‘sponsor’ provides us (in accordance with our privacy policy) with valid and checked email addresses for participants (either in one file, or by study on an on-going basis) using an Excel template that we provide
  • we quickly open access for each participant on the server (using their email address and a password that we allocate) Alternatively we can set up a dedicated self-registration portal where participants register themselves.
  • at the same time the participant is sent an invitation email with log on information
  • a nominated contact(s) in the sponsor organisation (project manager or central co-ordinator or both) is/are copied in on the invitation (to confirm that the invitation has been sent)
  • we monitor progress to identify who has satisfactorily completed the training -- we then issue a PDF certificate to each successful participant on a weekly basis
  • on a biweekly basis we provide PDF progress reports for the group (by study if required) to nominated sponsor individuals (eg. the project manager)
  • we can provide copies of each certificate to the nominated individual in the sponsor organisation if required/appropriate (to maintain training records)
  • the sponsor can be provided with individual user activity reports and group summaries when all participants have completed (or at periodic intervals for on-going contracts) where appropriate
  • the sponsor is responsible for archiving this information
  • we provide help and assistance to individual participants as and when the need arises
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