• Are you ready for ... a GCP inspection?

Are you ready for … a GCP inspection?                 

Online, on-demand inspection readiness training.
Packed with information, ‘Words of Advice’ and practical tips.
Personalized, narrated or read-only options.
Takes around 35 mins.
Has great interactions.
Can be done on PCs, Macs, laptops and mobile devices 24/7/365.
Based on answers to a series of questions relating to inspections.
Developed with those experienced in inspections and those who perform them!
Comes with a downloadable self-checklist.


The training content addresses the following questions, and provides information based on experience, words of advice and practical tips.

  • Why are GCP inspections carried out?
  • Who undertakes inspections?
  • Who can be inspected?
  • What is the difference between routine and triggered inspections?
  • Will the inspectors be friendly?
  • Will we be notified of an inspection?
  • What documents will we be asked to provide in advance?
  • When the inspection will take place?
  • Who should be the Inspection Host and what is their role?
  • What information will we receive?
  • Where will the inspection be carried out?
  • How can I prepare for the inspection?
  • What facilities and equipment will inspectors need?
  • What happens when the inspectors arrive?
  • What documents and information will be asked for?
  • How should we get materials ready for inspectors during an inspection?
  • Will inspectors ask about the computerized systems we use in our clinical trials?
  • What happens if I am interviewed?
  • What should we avoid at interviews?
  • Is there a closing meeting?
  • What happens after the inspection?

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Are you ready for ... a GCP inspection?

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