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What are the benefits of our online training?

  • Online, on demand. Do it anywhere! All that is needed is a strong continuous internet signal
  • Globally log in at any time 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Can be done using PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone and android devices
  • Tracking of user activity
  • Progress reporting by user and group
  • Certification for satisfactory completion
  • The training is personalized using the participant’s first name
  • Costs depend on the number of participants
  • Excellent packages for multiple users
  • Option to fix costs with a 2-year agreement or longer
  • Help in the event of problems
  • Valuable e-resources

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Essential GCP for Sponsors
Based on the sponsor responsibilities in Section 5 of ICH GCP E6(R2). Click here to see our short..
Based on 1 reviews.
GCP Refresher for Sponsors 1 - tallest buildings challenge
An interactive quiz game to scale the highest buildings of the world. • An interactive quiz game ..
GCP Refresher for Sponsors 2 - inspection challenge
Answer five inspectors’ GCP questions correctly to avoid a finding. • A fun way to learn and refr..
Essential GCP for Investigators
Comprehensive investigator GCP responsibilities, available in 14 languages. • Online training ava..
Based on 3 reviews.
GCP Refresher for Investigators 1 – tallest buildings challenge
An interactive quiz game to scale the highest buildings of the world. • An interactive quiz game ..
GCP Refresher for Investigators 2 - inspection challenge
Meet five inspectors and answer their GCP questions correctly. • A fun way to learn and refresh G..
A Guide to GCP for Clinical Data Management
Customized GCP training for those managing clinical trial data. This online on demand training wi..
PV for ALL
A short course for an entire organization’s staff. This 15 min* ‘Step 1’ online pharmacovigilance..
Based on 1 reviews.
Know PV
Essential pharmacovigilance training for those who need greater detail. This 60 min* ‘Step 2’ onl..
PV for the Local Safety Contact and L-QPPV Online Training
Responsibilities of the company’s Local Safety Contact and the additional obligations of a Local QPP..
PV Refresher
An interactive Q&A to update and refresh PV knowledge. Face five inspectors and answer 8/10 q..
Essential Safety Reporting for the Investigator Site
An overview of the investigator site’s safety reporting responsibilities. This course is essentia..
Non-interventional studies - General Principles
A generic core basic training on NIS principles Interactive, personalized, narrated and readonly ..
Non-interventional studies - Practical Aspects
An overview of planning and running NIS studies. Designed around an air journey to different part..
NIS - Modules 1 & 2
A package combining NIS modules (General Principles & Practical Aspects) Non-interventio..
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