Safety oversight and the ability to interact professionally in a complex world, is what our three levels of online PV training support.

1)      All must know how to identify and report an ADR.
2)      Those in PV or interacting with PV benefit from a broad understanding of PV obligations and tasks.
3)      Those handling PV on a national scale needs additional support to fulfil their role.

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Fantastic rates avaiulable for groups of 5 or more participants - contact us for details

Our ‘on demand’ training is supported by certificates and can be downloaded conveniently on any smart device/phone.

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PV for ALL
A short course for an entire organization’s staff.             ..
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Know PV
Essential pharmacovigilance training for those who need greater detail.       ..
PV for the Local Safety Contact and L-QPPV Online Training
Responsibilities of the company’s Local Safety Contact and the additional obligations of a L-QPPV. ..
PV Refresher
An interactive Q&A to update and refresh PV knowledge.            ..
Essential Safety Reporting for the Investigator Site
An overview of the investigator site’s safety reporting responsibilities.       ..
e-book PV for All
A desk-side reference to dealing with product safety issues, for all!        ..
e-book Essential Pharmacovigilance
An overview of a marketing authorization holders PV responsibilities.        ..
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