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Newsletters for those who need to keep up to date with the latest clinical research, GCP and quality assurance developments.


Clinical Research and Clinical Quality Assurance Advisor (known as 'Advisor') is a quick and easy to read newsletter, usually consisting of 8 pages, published 20 times per annum. The newsletter provides an ideal opportunity for busy clinical research and quality assurance professionals to keep up to date with the latest news and information. Available in paper and electronic (PDF) forms with various subscription options.

More than 500 issues published since 1997.

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Content includes:
•   Executive summaries of key laws and guidelines relating to clinical research in the ICH regions
•   Summaries of articles and information in other publications, press releases and on the Internet
•   Changes in regulations, codes of practice, guidelines and new clinical research procedures
•   News from important meetings and conferences
•   ICH developments and progress
•   News, views and opinions about ICH GCP implementation
•   Inspection and audit findings and lessons to be learnt
•   Quality assurance issues and procedures

What some readers thought:
'I think this is our 15th or 16th annual renewal and we have continued because of the quality of your content!' - VS
​'This update is very relevant to our research team in a changing world of regulations and compliance.' - AGM



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